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Ushering world class medical care to the unfortunate ones around the globe totally free of cost

Rasimo System is working to deliver free medical consultation to the unprivileged masses around the globe through innovative technology. Our mission is ‘Benefitting Humanity Through Technology.” We plan to serve all without the geographic, color, race, gender, and religion. All are welcome!

We are not seeking any grants and donation. This mission is fully funded by Rasimo Systems. Major portion of the proceeds from SureMediks and SureFiz Pro will go to the project HuManity. We know this is a huge undertaking and we are too small but our determination is immense as well. Any entity, organization or individual, is welcome to join this mission.

HuManity Technological Platform – A Global Reach

Through Internet, AI, and our sheer determination and application we plan to reach those who are not privileged enough to seek medical consultation by the medical specialists. The privileged have the access to this life saving provision through their resources, we have signed up to be privileged to become a resource of the unprivileged.

Service Centers

HuManity Service centers will be established in the underdeveloped areas and people of the world and will be equipped with basic medical devices and technology developed by Rasimo Systems. These centers will be funded by Rasimo Systems and like-minded people. We will start the pilot on our own.

HuManity Medical Specialists

Our platform will recruit volunteers medical professional with various specialties is under development. Through this platform, Good Samaritans would be able to donate their time as much as they can, e.g., 30 minutes per month or so. Our system will the a needy patient with the expertise of the Good Samaritan. A large portion of the framework or platform is already completed and its various units are functional.

Medical Conditions Covered

Our platform was initially designed to cover metabolic conditions therefore it will be suitable to cover most of the metabolic conditions and risks in early part of its deployment. However, we will try our best to update our platform to respond to local epidemics and other medical needs that we could fulfill.